Spaulding Consultants (SPC), offers a different approach to relicensing than is provided by other consulting firms. Rather than using a large, in-house staff to perform the variety of studies and technical evaluations required to prepare a license application, SPC offers an overall management and coordination alternative to the owner. Under this "owner-managmement" approach, Spaulding Consultants is responsible for the overall managment including agency consultation, negotiations and coordination of all consultants. Our primary goal is to both minimize relicensing costs and to obtain new license conditions which minimize long-term economic impacts. The studies required by the various agencies are not done by SPC, but are performed by outside consulting firms hired by the owner on the basis of competitve proposals. This approach to relicensing maintains flexibility and management control for the owner and lowers costs due to the competitive selection of environmental consultants.

The prime consultant for SPC's effort is Douglas Spaulding. Mr. Spaulding serves as relicensing manager and is supported by drafting and word processing staffs. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Spaulding has participated in the licensing activities for 35 projects located in a twelve state area. Mr. Spaulding has managed the preparation for 20 project applications which have ranged in size from 600 kw to 1000 MW. By virtue of this experience, Mr. Spaulding has a thorough knowledge of the requirements for FERC licensing and a great deal of experience in working with resource agencies in regard to hydroelectric issues.