In 2003 the FERC implemented a new program for their independent consultant inspection program. The program involved a "Potential Failure Mode Analysis" (PFMA). The PFMA involves a one-time evaluation and prioritization of the likely failure modes for a particular dam structure. The process involves a group evaluation that includes representatives of the owner, the independent consultant and the FERC. The evaluation is conducted by a facilitator who is not affiliated with the owner or the independent consultant. The ultimate goal of the PFMA is to determine the most crucial failure mode(s) for a given structure. This evaluation provides a focus for future monitoring, inspection operation and insturmental programs related to the safety of the dam.

Mr. Spaulding has over 30 years experience, including his 10 years with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. His experience relevant to PFMA includes:

  • Attendance at FERC PFMA training session
  • Facilitation of PFMA for projects in Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota
  • Instructor for Corps of Engineers dam safety operator training
  • Responsible for independent consultant for over 35 Part 12 inspections throughout the United States
  • Inspection of over 150 dams and hydroelectric projects in over 20 states

  • Resume